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Quotes to motivate, and inspire success in business

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Whenever striving toward a life of excellence, and the pursuit of an extraordinary life, we are sure to encounter obstacles and moments of uncertainty. This is certainly true for those who choose to start their own business and take ownership of their life. No matter how isolated and solitary the journey may feel at times, we can often find insight, motivation and inspiration from those who have come before and have chosen to share their wisdom.

Those who wish for success in business need to embrace continual learning and growth. In this sense, quotes are a powerful way to absorb a lifetime of learning and insight from others to motivate and inspire positive change in our own lives. The right words have a remarkable ability to uplift and change our mindset. Quotes can give us a different perspective, lead to a new outlook and possibly bring about a full paradigm shift.

Peak performers and those at the top of their game are happy to be coached to ensure they regularly improve. We often only associate coaching with physical pursuits, but coaching can benefit all facets of life to give a new perspective and foster growth and improvement. This is where lessons and quotes from those who have achieved great results can guide and nurture those who may not be able to access a personal coach, for whatever reason.

So, without further ado let’s look at some quotes to motivate, and inspire success in business.

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Jeff Bezos is the founder of the internet giant Amazon, which shook up e-commerce and the retail world. It is commonly accepted that one of the main contributing factors to their accelerated success, is a focus on innovation and ideas. By finding innovative ways to do “hard things well” they have established themselves as a global powerhouse.

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The CEO and co-founder of the office messaging app Slack, Stewart Butterfield puts things in perspective with this insight.

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Entrepreneur Mark Cuban emphasizes the importance of keeping the customer in mind with all you do. This outlook has helped him turn underdogs into successes and amass a fortune in the billions.

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The founder of Nike, Phil Knight emphasises the importance of being voracious in your pursuit but remaining trustworthy and honest throughout the journey.

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The journey to create a successful business is often long and arduous. Steve Jobs shatters the myth of overnight success and helps to highlight the importance of belief, consistency and perseverance.

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Oprah Winfrey often speaks about the law of attraction and the power of mindset in success. This is a reminder to safeguard the belief you have and to continually strengthen that belief.

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The man who brought cartoons to life relays the importance of overcoming procrastination. Walt Disney reminds us that all dreams require action, and the sooner you take action the more likely you can move toward your dreams.

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Thomas Edison is often described as one of the greatest inventors. He was known to attribute a lot of his success to all the failures that came before. As with many people who have achieved extraordinary results, he viewed failures as opportunities to learn and grow.

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The co-founder of Google, Larry Page stresses the importance of believing in yourself and not underestimating what you’re able to achieve. Most global giants were started by one or two people and expanded when the time was right.

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Joel Spolsky, the co-founder of Stack Overflow emphasizes the importance of continual improvement. There is always a way to improve and refine your products and services to provide more value and a better customer experience.

Knowledge to inspire action

These words of wisdom give us a glimpse of the mindset and principles that have contributed to the success of some of the highest achievers. Quotes like these can help us identify areas in which we can improve, in both business and life in general. They say knowledge is power, but knowledge with action is true power.

How you use and implement knowledge in your life is a powerful key to success, and paired with a sense of purpose and self-belief, success is yours for the taking. Hopefully, something from these inspirational figures has helped to motivate and inspire you to persevere and reach new levels of success with your business.

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