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Digital Signage & Commercial Displays

Showcase your brand & drive customer engagement.



As proud Partners of Philips and InFocus we deliver the latest technology and a range of commercial displays.


Easily create, access, manage and deliver content for all your digital signage from a central point of control.


End-to-end solutions to ensure your displays are ready to go and create an impact from day one.


Avido provides a no fuss, pick up and replace 3 year warranty. We stand by the quality of our product..!

What is digital signage?

Digital signage uses LCD and LED technologies to deliver rich media content. Commercial displays are versatile and capable of delivering crystal-clear video, images, web pages, and text-based information. Digital signage can be joined as a network, giving you the power to control and deliver content on site, or across any and all signage in your network.

Paired with content management software, your content can easily be managed and changed. Whether you're looking to advertise internal promotions or deliver relevant local information, the possibilities are endless. Commercial displays are used in various industries to maximise public space, educate, entertain, and inform.


Benefits of Digital Signage:

Showcase services and products.
Immerse, inform and entertain.
Deliver content that creates a lasting impression.
Create location specific offers and information.
Reduce the cost of traditional printed options.
Give you more control of your message and branding.
Stronger response than traditional printed signs.
Increase revenue with in-store brand advertising.
Suitable for many industries.
... and much more.

Digital Signage

Bring your vision to life with

Take control of your branding and create lasting impressions. Deliver custom content, how you want, when you want. Harness the power of digital signage to attract, immerse and drive customer engagement, Avido offers a wide range of commercial displays and digital signage solutions to engage and captivate.


Commercial displays and digital signage solutions for many industries.


Digital signage in retail can attract new customers, increase brand awareness and showcase new products and offers. Displays at Point Of Sale allow for opportunities to upsell at the point of purchase.

Restaurants and Cafe's

Commercial displays allow for dynamic menu boards. Giving the power to change specials, deliver in-store promotions and inform customer's of your story and the passion behind your brand.


Keep patients informed and entertained. Digital signage is perfectly suited for lobbies and waiting rooms. Hospitals and clinics are able to push out messages to multiple sites if necessary, or keep patients relaxed and entertained while they wait.


Digital signage has many uses in hotels. The most common of which is in-room entertainment. Displays also allow for maximizing public spaces, such as the lobby. Show local points of interest, inform of hotel services and generate revenue through on-screen advertising time from local businesses.


Digital signage allows government to deliver time sensitive information to the public. It gives the ability to get a message to multiple locations at the same time. Displays are a cost effective solution to inform the public.


Commercial displays for corporate use can serve a range of purposes. Screens can be used to greet, entertain and inform customers as they enter the lobby. It can streamline communication by delivering key information to each department, and aid in presentations and meetings in boardrooms.

And many more...

Digital signage is a tool that can benefit many industries. The examples give a small insight into the possibilities and scope available to those who choose Avido digital signage and commercial displays. For those with vision, the possibilities are endless...

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