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What is Digital Signage Software?

Digital signage software allows you to easily control and deliver content across all the signage in your network. The cloud based interface creates a central point of control, allowing you to monitor, access and modify the content that is displayed. Ensuring your signage is relevant, localized and personal.

Digital signage software allows you to deliver specific content to a single location, or to all locations in your network as needed with a push of a button. Your digital signage will be able to target and engage audiences like never before. You'll have full control of your digital signage to display what you want, when you want!

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Avido is proud to be partnered with Fusion Signage to bring simple yet powerful solutions to better manage your digital signage network.

Fusion digital signage software is an easy-to-use cloud based platform that makes content management and deployment simple and hassle free. Fusion is designed around ease-of-use and can be picked up inuitively with no training. In three quick steps you can easily add screens, upload content and create playlists. The web based dashboard brings flexibility to content delivery and allows you to deliver the right content at the right time, no matter where you are.

Fusion can easily be installed directly onto compatible hardware. If you have exisiting screens which are not compatible and you're not ready to upgrade, we can provide alternate solutions to create a digital signage network with what you have.

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Key benefits of digital signage software

Cost effective

Cloud based

Content scheduling

Easy to use

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