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Deliver clear workplace communication with digital signage

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Communication is something we all use to some degree to connect and share information with others. It is an essential skill which we use daily in various environments. Each scenario requires a different approach and technique to ensure a clear message is delivered.

Poor communication can cause misunderstanding, which in turn can lead to less than favourable results. Workplace communication is no different. The effectiveness of communication within the workplace can directly impact productivity, morale, safety, and employee engagement.

Over recent years the ease in which we can communicate has improved significantly. But, with these changes, it has also become easier to be overwhelmed with a barrage of e-mails, messages, alerts, and phone calls. Due to the sheer volume of communication, it is understandable that the message isn’t always received as intended, and in some cases can go completely unnoticed.

So, what can digital signage offer to improve workplace communication?

Reiterate key messaging with digital signage

Signage and posters are already used to a certain extent within organizations to communicate with their teams. However, the current static delivery method still used by most businesses today is quickly outdated and therefore, often not in line with current areas of focus within the business.

Digital signage allows organizations to deliver dynamic content which can easily be changed to reiterate messaging delivered over other channels. If employees haven’t had a chance to view the latest communications on the intranet, or via e-mail, they also have the opportunity to view the message as they step away from the computer.

It allows internal communications to be delivered in a variety of formats to ensure the message is communicated as clearly as possible. This means signage can now easily be updated at the same time as other channels to ensure communication across the whole business is saying the same thing. Giving employees multiple ways to take messaging onboard.

Create an engaged workplace

Workplace communication is not a one-way street. For communication to be truly effective all parties involved must feel heard and understood. As such, digital signage provides a flexible platform that can deliver varied content. The space previously taken by static signage now becomes a space that can deliver changing dynamic content.

It can allow employees to easily share appropriate content to communicate their wins, challenges and solutions. Depending on the culture of the business it can be used by employees to share content they feel may help others, or maybe something to lighten the mood.

personalised content showcasing employees

Personalised, relevant content

One of the key strengths of digital signage is how easily content can be changed and delivered across the network. This gives organizations the ability to deliver specific content to specific screens within the business. Workplace communication can become more targeted with certain messaging delivered only to the areas in which it’s applicable.

Business wide communications can still be delivered across the whole network when necessary, but more personalised messaging can out to various departments too. This allows organizations to maximize the impact of their communications. Various content can easily be delivered across the whole network with a push of a button creating a more efficient and streamlined communication process.

Maximize high traffic areas

Today all businesses need to consider the impact of stress and anxiety on their staff. Most organizations have a variety of services available to their staff to help cope if they feel they are struggling. More often than not this information isn’t easily found and can be missed by those who may need it most.

Digital signage can create an opportunity to showcase the importance of health within the workplace and the services available to those who feel they need it. Since digital signage allows for custom content on individual screens if necessary, it can be used in high traffic areas, such as break rooms, and hallways to deliver messaging that people can view when they have a moment. It can show staff they are valued and their wellbeing is important to the business.

delivery of new content for digital signage


Digital signage technology provides a convenient platform on which to communicate and display various content. This, in turn, eliminates the process of waiting for printed signage and manually placing it throughout the business. It can drastically reduce wastage and the time required to ensure messaging is correct and up to date.

Workplace communication can now be done easily with the push of a button to reach all areas of the business, or only specific areas if needed. Communication now becomes seamless across all channels with a uniform message delivered in a timely and more efficient way.

More effective workplace communication

Digital signage provides a powerful, versatile and simple way to deliver key messaging and drive employee engagement. It can make workplace communication more relevant with efficient delivery and up to date content. As the world becomes more and more connected, digital signage is the logical step to bring that connectivity into the workplace.

If you’re ready to take your workplace communication to the next level, please feel free to get in touch.

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