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Meet rising customer expectations with digital signage

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There’s no doubt about it, the world is moving and evolving at a rapid pace. With technological advancements, businesses also face rising customer expectations. These changes can bring about disruption, causing a rethink and a change of strategy.

However, these changes can also give rise to opportunity. Where we can not only meet customer expectations, but grow the business into a new phase and create new possibilities.
One such technology is digital signage. We’ll look at how this differs from conventional means of communication, such as static signage and exciting ways it can add value to the customer experience.

So, what are customer expectations these days?

And, how can digital signage help to better meet those expectations to create memorable, engaging experiences?

Key customer expectations Digital Signage can address

As is the case with technology, customer expectations too, are changing and evolving rapidly. Due to convenience and an abundance of options, customers are happy to move on if they don’t get the experience they’re looking for. Here are some key expectations to consider:

Customers expect - A consistent message and experience

A Deloitte research paper shows that in Australia over 90% of purchases are still made in store, but 40% of those purchases were influenced by digital interactions.

diagram showing 90% of purchases are still made in store and 40% of those are a result of digital interactions

As a result, customers expect continuity with their online experience and the bricks and mortar store. Due to the current communication and in-store marketing processes most businesses still implement today (static signage), this is often not the case.

Digital Signage can deliver what customers want

A lot of time and energy is spent to create digital content. Therefore, it seems a shame that it often becomes an isolated entity, with the content used only in that environment. Digital signage is easily networked with digital signage software, meaning digital content can easily be used and delivered instantly to select locations, or nationwide if necessary.

Due to the dynamic nature of the digital world, digital signage can ensure messaging online and in-store are aligned to the latest trends. This is key point of difference over the slow-moving conventional static signage process. Businesses can be more agile in their response to what their customers want and deliver the experience customers expect today.

Customers expect - Personal experiences

With technological advancements, businesses can easily access and analyse customer information. With that, the customer expectation is that businesses know what is important to them. Salesforce research shows ‘70% of customers say understanding how they use products and services is very important to winning their business’.

diagram showing 70% of consumers feel it is important for businesses to understand how they use their products and services

Personalized dynamic content

Digital signage provides a great platform to show your customers how much you value their support and feedback. Depending on the information you have at your disposal and what is important to your customers, there are a variety of ways you can deliver content that they value. Messaging can be personalised, such as unique local content, a tutorial on how to get the most from a product or service, address an area of improvement that numerous customers have requested, how to create specific looks in fashion, loyalty bonuses, and much more.

By delivering content based on what customers have requested and what they deem to be important, you can easily create a more personal experience. The ability to deliver dynamic personalised content creates a more engaging interaction with your customers and puts you in good stead of building a stronger relationship.

Customers expect - Innovation and advancement

Consumers are becoming increasingly tech savvy. They expect businesses to impress them and provide cutting edge experiences. With so many options available to the consumer today, they look for something that engages and creates an impact, before they commit.

High impact engagement

With the introduction of digital signage, businesses are now capable of delivering high impact, relevant information to meet rising customer expectations. The technology allows for various methods of delivery. Screens come in a variety of sizes and layouts, including high impact solutions, such as video walls to make a statement and create stopping power.

It also opens the possibility of interaction. With the use of interactive screens businesses can now truly engage customers. This gives rise to some exciting possibilities, such as, shelf media, endless aisles (interactive catalogue), wayfinding, and much more. Ultimately, leading to better engagement and empowering the customer to access content of their choosing to better understand your brand.

Customers expect - To be educated and informed

Technology has truly put the power in the hands of the consumer. Consumers can easily research and weigh up options on various products and services before they make a choice. It goes without saying that customers expect useful and informative insights when dealing with businesses. The customer expectation is that businesses will provide what they need, in order for them to make an educated decision.

Deliver insights that matter

With the flexibility that digital signage offers, businesses can ensure they deliver key educational information. Compared to static signage, digital signage can easily change throughout the course of the day. This means signage can now become an integral part of the sales process, allowing customers to make an informed decision on what’s best for them.

Signage networks drastically change the amount of information you’re able to provide customers. You’re no longer limited to a sign that is often obsolete or past it’s due date by the time it’s installed. You can now directly address FAQs, or showcase products and services in greater depth. This is turn can lead to a more complete customer experience with higher satisfaction.

Poised to meet rising customer expectations

Digital signage is a powerful and flexible platform that allows businesses to deliver rich immersive content to engage and attract customers. It can easily be customized and run a range of applications depending on what’s required. Whether you’re looking to showcase vibrant branding content, interactive material or any of the other countless possibilities, digital signage can deliver the experience customers expect today.

If you feel digital signage can offer value to your business, please feel free to contact us.

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