• Commercial screen specialist

    Avido is the proud partner of Philips Australia supplying commercial screens to all industries. We specialize is retail, hospitality, commercial buildings and Government. Whether it’s a single screen for your start up business or 1000 screens installed nationally – Avido will provide a quality product with the highest service at the most competitive rates.

Compact Displays

Running short on space? Compact digital displays can provide engaging visuals from just the size of an iPad. Perfect for adding informative promotional content within stock shelving, on countertops or in small wall spaces. Practically anywhere you have a spare few inches! Don’t let limited space mean you lose the opportunity for more sales and customer engagement. Our mountable compact screen solutions offer the same powerful scheduling, display, and grouping options as any other screen in your digital signage network.

Select from a Huge Range of Options

Below is a small selection of the possible combinations Avido offers.

Compact display at end of aisle in retail store. Customer interacting with compact display in a retail store

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